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15+ Interior Design Website Themes & Templates

The field of interior designing is one that is rapidly expanding. As of 2016, it is imperative for interior decorators to have official Interior Design Websites where they can promote their services. That yields in a marked increase in your sales rates. If you too want to create waves in the interior designing industry and want to get as many customers as possible, then you must take a look at the following designer website templates. These would help you design the website of your dreams.

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Interior Design Furniture Company WordPress Website Theme $79

This web theme template has been specially designed for interior designing companies dealing in furniture. With attractive images strewn all over the web page and catchy and appealing text, this website theme template is sure to attract more customers. Also, this web page comes with editable and customisable text as well.

Modern Architecture and Interior Design Theme $59

Interior Design One Page WordPress Website Theme $59

This website theme template which has been designed for interior designing companies can help you design one page of your website. As you can see, there are neat little boxes for text and images. That makes the template appear very tidy and organised. More importantly, it is completely editable also.

Interior Design Stone Design Joomla Website Template $75

This joomla web theme template has a stone like theme which gives it a unique texture. Also, the template comes with a number of stock images and appealing text that is sure to catch your eye. The template is 100 % editable as well. That means each and every single element on the template is completely customisable.

Modern Interior Design WordPress Website Theme $59

This wordpress web theme template has a modern and contemporary appearance. Added to the very urbane and chic appearance is the utility factor as well. The template comes in an attractive and organised format as well. The template has been specially reserved for interior designing companies. It is fully editable.

Interior Design Kitchen WordPress Website Theme $75

An interior designing company specialising in kitchen decor may make use of the website theme. Similarly, a company may use this template to design one particular page of their website. The best part about the template would have to be its organisation and neatness. It is well designed and professional as well.

Interior Design & Arrchitecture WordPress Website Theme $44

Not only interior designing companies, but also architecture companies can make use of this web theme template. One can download the template, study the neat and organised format, edit the textual elements to add your own details, retain the stock images or even add your own. It is entirely up to you.

Architecture and Interior Design Theme $75

This web page theme template comes with an attractive one page design. You can use it as the home page to your website as well. Here, the template comes in CMYK colour mode and with high resolution images. Plus, you get to retain the stock images that you get along with the template as part of the deal.

Special Interior Design WordPress Website Theme $48

Interior designing templates should always be stylish and modern in nature. That is exactly what you get with this template. This is a highly specialised kind of interior designing template and can be used in multifarious ways. Also, the template comes in a format that is easy to use, download, edit and save.

Interior Design Studio Joomla Website Template $75

To advertise for your interior designing studio, you can use this web theme template. You can download the template, go through the web theme contents, make changes to them if necessary and finally save the file. Next, you can incorporate the theme to your website. Also, it is 100 % editable.

Modern Interior Design Website Template $22

 Responsive Interior Design Joomla Website Theme

This Interior Website Theme Template is very modern and stylish in nature. It comes with stock images and high resolution graphics that make the template look bright and colourful. Also, the template uses CMYK colour mode and adjustable colour schemes for backgrounds. It is also completely editable and customisable as well.

Interior Design VirtueMart Website Template $139

If you have a business for interior designing or furniture, then you can use this web theme template. In the template, you can specify various details and information of your business and even advertise them. You can give as many details as you want here and even add images if you want.

Interior Design & Furniture Business Website Theme $18

This web theme template comes in a HTML5 format that is easy to use. This template will give you a web page that is attractive, appealing, neat and organised, well designed, stylish and most importantly, responsive. The template would create a website that is easy to navigate through as well.

Interior Design Portfolio Joomla Website Template

This web theme template would be perfect if you’re trying to create an interior designing portfolio. In the portfolio template, you can add any number of images you want, textual components and even edit and update them as and when the need arises. That makes the template quite popular.

In case you run an interior decoration or designing business, you will find the above web theme templates to be very useful. The Architects Website Templates are not only user friendly but also developer friendly. That means you, as the web designer, would find these templates fairly easy to use as well.

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