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20 Lawyer WordPress Themes for Attorneys, Legal, & Law Firms

Lawyers are people who have studied the ins and outs of the law and serve government agencies and private corporations. They are personally hired by people to help them in legal matters. Lawyers work in law firms, companies, or their own firms. Getting through law school is not an easy task, and, once they come, real lawyers, they are expected to uphold justice.

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Law firms need to have a website to enhance their presence on the internet. They can add some information to their sites about the basic laws that people need to know. Having a website for law firms also helps establish their identity and credibility as a firm. It is a way of gaining people’s trust and confidence.

If you plan to build a website for your law firm, we have collected the best themes for that. These themes are stylish and fit the needs of being a lawyer, so check them out.

Lawyeria X Theme

Legal Lawyer Group Theme

Law and Justice Theme

Attorneys Lawyer WordPress Theme

Legal Press Theme

LT Law Theme

WP Lawyer Theme

The Practice Theme

Law Master Theme

Lawyers Company Theme

Rights Defender Theme

Legal Alien Theme

Justizia Theme

Duncan Theme

Private Lawyer Theme

Justness Theme

Moderno Theme

NT Lawato Theme

Qualitic Theme

Branches of law

Law has several branches for every sector of society. It has its own functions to do. These branches make up the science of law itself.

  1. International law. This kind of law deals with the set of rules that are agreed among nations. International law helps in stabilizing the relationship among nations and states. It also deals with human rights, international crimes, treatment of aliens, and rights of refugees.
  1. Criminal law. This deals with anything related to crime. Criminal law has a set of rules and standards to be followed if the physical, mental, moral, and financial aspect, as well as the health, safety, and property of a person, are threatened and harmed.
  1. Administrative law. Administrative agencies in the government are covered by this kind of law. Admin law deals with the decision-making of the components of the government such as broadcasting, environment, and taxation. Other admin-related matters in the government are also dealt with by this law.
  1. Labor law. This branch of law gets involved in the relationship among workers, business entities, and the working conditions of the employees. Labor law also deals with the employees’ concerns like their rights at work and contracts for work. The hours of work, employees’ wages, and their health and safety at work are also covered by the labor law.
  1. Property law. This area of law is concerned with the property and ownership, both in personal property and real property. It also concerns movable and immovable property. Movable property are things like furniture, jewelry, clothing, appliances, writing, vehicles, and household goods. Immovable property are land and house. Any legal matters relating to these are covered by property law.
  1. Corporate law. This law is concerned about the relations of people in the business world. It includes the rights and conduct of persons, organizations, and businesses. Corporate law is important in businesses since it balances the relationship among employees, employers, consumers, and shareholders.  
  1. Private law. This body of law goes into the relationships between individuals. Lawyers dealing with private law are hired by individuals to handle their cases.
  1. Public law. Contrary to private law, public law deals with the relationship of the individual and the government. It also includes getting involved with the relationship of the individual with the direct concerns of government or society.
  1. Civil law. This kind of law covers the legal rights of people such as divorces, trade union memberships, and rights to education. It also involves how the property is split between the husband and wife, and the custody of their children, in the case of divorce. Individuals can solve their cases in court or with a lawyer. Either way, justice is served to the defendant.
  1. Common law. It is about the feeling of right or wrong in a situation. Common law gives more emphasis on crime done against people than crime done on property. This kind of law is not written down.
  1. Statute law. This law is written by the government. It gets updates as time goes by, as new laws are made to protect people from crimes.
  1. Admiralty law. This law deals with regulations in property disputes and transactions among sailors, navigation, marine trade, and other maritime matters.
  1. Entertainment law. Entertainment law focuses on the legal matters in media content like music, movies, TV shows, and other media-related content. It involves the issue of copyright and the matters attached to it.
  1. Tax law. Tax law is about taxes in the context of domestic and international transactions. It also helps clients lessen their liabilities in tax matters.
  1. Health law. Any matter relating to health care is under the health law. Lawyers in this field will oversee the policies about health care. They can represent patients, clinics, and medical practitioners.
  1. Intellectual property law. This law protects the rights of authors, investors, and businesses—tangible or intangible. Most of these lawyers deal with the industry, science, and arts. Any creation in this field is rightfully protected.

We hope you liked our collection of themes for your future legal firm website. Design is not an easy task to take, but everything about it gets your creative juices flowing. All you need are lots of patience and sharp thinking. Purchase any of these templates today and get started on creating a website that reflects your experience and expertise in law.

For other templates suitables for various types of websites, be sure to check out the other collections on our site. You are sure to find the perfect theme that can capture the main idea or concept you wish to express in your online portal. So, hurry and start your search for that amazing template that is going to impress all your site visitors as you make a big splash on the web!

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