19+ Tumblr Style WordPress Themes & Templates

When it comes to microblogging and sharing of various kinds of multimedia, most often images, Tumblr has become synonymous with the concept, so great is its popularity. You can take advantage of its great design and use it for your own site, whether it’s a blog or any other kind of website.


Efficient Design And Great Popularity

You can be sure that people have grown used to the top class Tumblr site design, which will make sure that they become familiar with how to use your site as well.Apart from the design, you can also use other features to enrich the multimedia content of the site, with sliders and galleries that display embedded images and videos, or lightboxes that highlight and bring to the fore images or videos of interest. You May also See Art Portfolio WordPress Templates

gallery tumblr style wordpress theme

Vintage Tumblr Style WordPress Theme $15

vintage tumblr style wordpress theme

Premium Tumblr Style WordPress Theme $49

premium tumblr style wordpress theme

Blogger Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

blogger tumblr style wordpress theme

Tumbler Style WordPress Blog Theme $39

tumbler style wordpress blog theme

Simple Blog Tumblr Style WordPress Theme $9

simple blog tumblr style wordpress theme

Stylish Tumblr WordPress Theme $49

stylish tumblr wordpress theme

Superb Blogging Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

superb blogging tumblr style wordpress theme

Responsive Tumblr Style Blog WordPress Theme $19

responsive tumblr style blog themes

Artist Portfolio Tumblr Style WordPress Theme $14

artist portfolio tumblr style wordpress theme

Minimal Minblr Tumblr Style WordPress Theme $49

minimal minblr tumblr style wordpress theme

Fullsceen Responsive Tumblr Style Grid WordPress Theme $44

fullsceen responsive tumblr style grid wordpress theme

Responsive Tumblr Style WordPress Theme For Women $59

responsive tumblr style wordpress theme for women

Beautiful Designer Tumblr Style WordPress Theme $79

beautiful designer tumblr style wordpress theme

Modern Responsive WordPress Tumblog Style Theme $44

modern responsive wordpress tumblog style theme

Photography Tumblr Style WordPress Theme $25

photography tumblr style wordpress theme

Grid Based Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

grid based tumblr style wordpress theme

Minimal WordPress Tumblr Style Theme $54

minimal wordpress tumblr style theme

Online Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

online tumblr style wordpress theme

Like Tumblr, these themes are also responsive, thereby allowing the sites to be accessed through all sorts of devices. The layout however can be completely customized by you, thereby ensuring the site does not lose any functionality in looking like Tumblr.

Great Features And Interesting Aspects

You can set whatever background image that you wish to use. The best themes, some available for free and others at a premium, allow you to incorporate various useful widgets into the site. Then there’s the easily integrated sticky navigation option, which allows a certain part of the menus be accessible no matter where you scroll on the page.