10 Amazing WordPress Templates & Themes For Students

These WordPress themes are best suited for students of the university, college or school. Available for free and premium WordPress themes, these academic themes are very good at helping you create websites of online education and pedagogical interest. They are very easy to install and very student friendly. They provide a great way for students to access resources of all kinds online.

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Amazing In Scope, With Plenty Of Features

Some of the best functions of WordPress themes for students are their inbuilt ability to seamlessly work with WordPress’ Learning Management System, thus providing an incredibly rich learning experience, as well as being able to be translated into several languages so that students all over the world may use these sites. They are easily found by search engines like Google, allowing students to access your site often and in great numbers, due to the fact that these themes have all the major keywords required for SEO. With social integration readily available, your site’s resources may be shared easily by students on sites like Facebook.

Great Monetization Options And Layout

The layout of these themes is top of the line, with easy navigability that sets up different sections of the website devoted to various academic resources. You can also establish an online business by using these themes to sell various courses and materials of study. The design is very appealing and fully customizable, allowing you to choose the location of the heading and main content. Because most of these themes are stunningly responsive, students may use them through various kinds of devices like tablets and mobile phones. See More: School WordPress Themes, Driving School Website Templates

Student Education WordPress Theme – $48

student education wordpress theme – 48 788x

Student University Responsive WordPress Theme – $39

student university responsive wordpress theme – 39 788x

Student Education Responsive WordPress Theme – $48

student education course college wordpress theme – 58 788x

Polytechinc Student College WordPress Theme – $58

polytechinc student college wordpress theme – 58 788x940

Kids Voice School Student Responsive WordPress Theme – $43

kids voice school student responsive wordpress theme – 43 788x

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Student Invent – Education Course College WordPress Theme – $58

student invent education course college wordpress theme – 58 788x