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June 9, 2052

Beth O’Connell
Hiring Manager 
1563 Geneva Street
New York, 10004

Dear Ms. O’Connell,

Upon hearing that you are seeking an aspirant for the Front Desk Receptionist position for your company, I felt impelled to submit my resume together with my qualifications for consideration of the position. As a professional who is highly organized and experienced in this field, I am more than willing to contribute to the development and success of your company. 

During my two-year internship as a Front Desk Secretary, I learned to hone my specifications with the rapid growth of Twin Gulf Motel. I have the duties to fulfill such as appointment scheduling, handling orders, restacking front desk supplies, conducting surveys, and buying technologies for employees. I am also given a checklist of duties as a front desk officer from my previous company, Lethargy Hotel. I was able to save money for the company for an alternative solution to the problem. Also, I am a consistent top performer amongst my co-employees.

As I have studied your job description, I am fully aware that you need someone responsible enough for the job. Given the wide range of qualifications and experience that I have, I must say that I have the requisite for any task that you need. I am fully open to an in-depth discussion about my application. Do not hesitate to reach out to me with the following contact details below.


William E. Scott
[email protected]

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