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[June 08, 2041]

[Anthony E. Compo]
[Human Development Manager] 
[4522 Cameron Road]
[Buffalo, NY 14203]

Dear [Mr. Compo,]

Your latest job posting for a Medical Receptionist vacant position instantly captured my attention. For my experience and abilities are closely aligned with your work needs and are fit with the posted qualifications. I would like to extend my interest in the job that your company, [Eaton Medical Incorporated,] is offering. Please let me summarize my position comprehensively.

With my two and a half years of experience in the clerical field in different medical establishments, I have been fully dedicated to creating strong and trustworthy specifications for the past medical companies that I have worked with. For more than [1 year] of work in the busy work environment in [T. Prior Clinic] as an Administrative Staff, I have been able to keep patients' documents and files organized and secured. I mastered the different Microsoft Office applications since my work deals with keeping and monitoring records. I have been awarded as Employee of the Month for two consecutive months. I have also been affiliated with [Matthew Medicals for 1 year and 2 months] as a Front Desk Officer. My duties include entertaining customers' queries, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, and ensuring clients' comfort while inside the clinic's vicinity.

I deeply enjoy and appreciate working in this sort of job, and I am proud to quickly respond emphatically and professionally in every patient needs. I would be pleased to have the chance to meet and discuss with you this job probability. If you wish to contact me, I am available from 6:00 PM until midnight. Below is my active contact number and email. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much.


[Colleen P. Hamler]
[(262) 257-709]
[[email protected]]

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