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Hotel Consultant Cover Letter

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October 02, 2074

Kari C. Leon
Winter River Hotel
Human Resource Manager 
333 Fire Access Road
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401 

Dear Ms. Leon,

My name is [Jennifer D. James] from [Chicago, Illinois]. I saw in World of that your establishment, Winter River Hotel, is currently looking for a tenured Hotel Consultant. I wrote this letter to show my interest in filling the vacated job role of your establishment. Years of working as a Hotel Consultant gives me the confidence that I possess the qualifications of your specifications checklist.

My [Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management], which I earned at [Missouri Southern State University], made me eligible to become a Hotel Consultant four years ago. I worked as a consultant for three major hotel chains. All of them are notable not only in the USA but around the globe as well. Each of these hotel chains that I lend my consulting services had significant concerns, problems, and needs that I promptly and wholeheartedly responded to. What I mostly help them with are their marketing strategies. I helped them strategize and take advantage of the current trends of the industry at that time. The results were astounding. Their respective revenues and profits gradually increased over time. There were also countless instances when they were struggling to improve and keep their services and facilities up to date. What I did to end their struggle was that I proposed effective budget plans. Ultimately, these budget plans helped them to upgrade the components of their establishment without spending too much cost and without sacrificing quality. All in all, my four years working as a Hotel Consultant exercised and seasoned my researching skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, administrative skills, communication skills, and extended my knowledge about the hospitality industry. 

The duties of a Hotel Consultant is indeed challenging. But I am up for the challenge if given a chance to work for the Winter River Hotel. I am available for a job interview at your preferred time. My phone number and email address are on the line at all times in case you want to contact me for an invite. 

Thank you for your time, and I am looking forward to being a part of the Winter River Hotel. 


Jennifer D. James
(708) 934-1829
[email protected]

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