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Free Consulting Engineer Cover Letter Template

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One of your chief engineers told me that your establishment,[Whitehill Company], is looking for an experienced Consulting Engineer. After he told me the news, I was immediately interested in applying. In response to your job opening, I wrote this letter to prove that I possess all the qualifications of your applicant specifications checklist. 

The field of engineering has always been my passion ever since my youth. Because of that, I pursued a career as an engineer. And after a decade, I became a Consulting Engineer. Throughout my entire stint as a Consulting Engineer, I was associated with companies that weren't well-known back then, but are prevalent nowadays. I played a significant role in the success they're reaping today by wholeheartedly offering my engineering duties and expertise. I helped them in improving their engineering processes such as their production operations and technical methods. One of the factors that also propelled them towards success was their innovative engineering projects. I was the one who proposed most of those projects and was then heavily involved during the entire process. Moreover, all of the companies I worked with belong to different fields in the engineering industry. Hence, I can confidently say that my engineering knowledge and experience is broad and extensive.

I am hoping to continue my career at [Whitehill Company]. That said, I am ready to receive a job interview invitation via my phone number or email address. I am available at any hour from Monday to Friday. Thank you for considering the time to read this letter of mine and I wish only the best for [Whitehill Company].



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