Medical Claims Supervisor Cover Letter

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I am eager to inform you about my sincere interest in joining your company [First Choice Health] as a Medical Claims Supervisor. I am very impressed by your company's outstanding reputation and look forward to potentially becoming a valuable contribution to the team. I am confident that with my excellent supervisory skills and professional background, I have met the company's standard specifications as stated on the job posting qualifications checklist. 

With a [bachelor's degree] in [finance] and [six-long] years of experience in a supervisory position, I have demonstrated expertise in handling medical claims and I ensured that services are of high-quality and are delivered consistently. Also, I possess excellent communication skills that allow me to effectively interact with agents and policyholders to successfully promote maximum performance within the team. 

Enclosed herewith is my resume detailing my experience and achievements on the field. Having seized long-standing roles in my previous employment, I assure you of my full commitment to delivering my duties and responsibilities for the benefit of your company. I am looking forward to joining your team and you may contact me at any time at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration. 



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