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[November 30, 2057]

[Richard K. Gillis]
[Human Resource Manager]
[Worldwide Partners]
[3131 County Line Road]
[St. Petersburg, FL, 33701]

Dear [Mr. Gillis],

I am very much interested in applying for the vacant Fund Accounting Supervisor position in [Worldwide Partners]. I am fully aware of the qualifications needed for the job, all of which I possess at my disposal. I recently resigned from my previous company to engage in other opportunities.

My [master's degree in accounting] was a factor that enabled me to work as a [Fund Accounting Supervisor] for the past [three years]. That said, I can confidently say that I have extensive experience in handling funds. As an accounting supervisor, I always ensure that transparency is observed in liquidating funds to the various departments and operations of the company. I am also very particular in resolving anomalies and inaccuracies regarding the questionable flow of funds. And due to my leadership and interpersonal skills, I maintained healthy relationships with my staff and supervisory colleagues, which vastly improved our fund accounting operations.

I am very eager to continue my Fund Accounting Supervisor career in [Worldwide Partners]. With that in mind, I am hoping that you would invite me for a job interview via my phone or email. I am available to respond at any given time. I much appreciate your effort in reading this letter. 


[Robin D. Early]
[(928) 589-1369]
[[email protected]]

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