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[August 03, 2053]

[Carol J. Milano]
[Human Resource Manager]
[3361 Spring Haven Trail]
[Haledon, NJ, 07508]

Dear [Ms. Milano],

I learned that [AlphaFM Industries] is in need of a [Sales and Marketing Supervisor]. As an experienced and dedicated sales and marketing professional with a genuine interest in utilizing my abilities in strategic sales and marketing planning, I am confident that I can be a great asset to your company.

I have been employed at [FML Corporation] as its [Sales and Marketing Supervisor] for [9 years]. My work involves monitoring the sales and marketing department's daily performance, preparing the staff's day-to-day schedule, and motivating each employee to prevent low productivity. I coordinated with both the department's manager and director to produce new and innovative sales and marketing plans, strategies, and campaigns. I studied and analyzed the performance and efficiency of the company's sales operations to determine the best course of action. I also created action plans and monthly reports, which I often presented to the upper department heads to review. 

My extensive background in supervising various and diverse employees honed my skills in communication, management, presentation, and documentation. I believe that these qualities have qualified me to be your company's next [Sales and Marketing Supervisor]. I have attached my resume along with this letter for your benefit. You can reach me with the mobile number and email address provided. The best time to contact me is between [3:30 PM] and [9 PM] on any day of the week. I look forward to meeting and discussing this opportunity with you. Thank you so much.

Sincerely Yours, 

[Verna W. Harrell]
[(732) 658-7045]
[[email protected]]

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