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[September 13, 2040]

[Clifton M. Kirschner]
[Human Development Manager]
[4007 Milford Street]
[Londonderry, NH 03053]

Dear [Mr. Kirschner],

This letter is in response to the job posting on [] about a job vacancy for Clinical Product Specialist. I would like to express my interest in applying for the position. I scanned through the job qualifications, and I found that my credentials are entirely equivalent to the specifications you are looking for. 

With over [six years] of being a Clinical Product Specialist, I have earned proficiency in embodying the roles and responsibilities it has to meet. I have become an expert in providing excellent customer service to clients. The ability allowed me to obtain a good relationship with the existing ones for the previous companies I worked for. I experienced developing educational programs and seminars. Furthermore, I did successful presentations during meetings and promotional activities. These experiences have led me to think that I can contribute more success to the sales of your company’s clinical products.

I enclosed herewith my resume that provides you additional information about my career. If you are in any way interested in contacting me for a job interview, you can find my phone number and email address below.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Robert N. Wilsey]
[(205) 634-489]
[[email protected]]

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