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Food Preparation Cover Letter Template

Food Preparation Cover Letter Template in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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I saw your job advertisement at [ADD WEBSITE] last [INDICATE DAY]. With this in mind, I got interested in the job position and submitted this cover letter together with my resume. I hope that I can be qualified and the credentials that I have are enough for me to become a part of your team sooner.

My [ADD YEARS] in [SPECIFY RESTAURANT] taught me the fundamental skills of food preparation in which I have acquired and used in my day-to-day life. Food preparation requires practice, and with [SPECIFY RESTAURANT], I have, for lack of a better word, mastered these skills. Cutting skills are one of the most enjoyable skills that I’ve love to do since it gives a satisfying feeling most especially when certain ingredients require different types of cutting techniques. Marinating different types of meat is also another thing that I have learned to do. Nevertheless, should you want to look for more skills that I’ve learned, you can refer to my resume. 

It would be nice if the skills and experiences that I have had would be considered. For more questions about me, you can contact me through my email address or phone number written in my resume. You can also contact me from [ADD DAYS] at [ADD TIME].



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