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I moved here in [New York] to look for opportunities that may help me develop as a person and as a professional. As I scroll down lots of job postings, I ran across yours and became interested in your offer. EMR is no new to me; more importantly, its system and operations. Once you give this job spot to me, I guarantee you that I will provide services out of my deepest ability. Kindly review this letter and the resume I included right after this.

I am certain that before anyone can be a trainer, he/she needs to be filled with knowledge and relevant skills, serving as a foundation for the position. Within [5] years as an EMR trainer, I am confident that I have the skills that you need. One thing that I can assure you is my obsession with the best outcomes. I strive for the best, and in every training session I handle, I always bring with me, my trainees. I believe that they can be the best of themselves once they know their weaknesses. With the EMR system, despite its complex structure, any facility will function as expected when all the employers are aware of what's happening with them all. 

Please respond to this application when you are free. I am excited to talk about this with you soon. 



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