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After learning from a billboard advertisement that your company, [Paws per Claws Inc], is looking for a Dog Trainer, I hurried to write this letter to respond to your ad. As stated in your list of qualifications, you are in need of a reliable and established professional who can handle dogs and quickly establish a relationship with them. I believe I am that person based on my experiences.

My background started when I acquired my [associate’s degree] in [veterinary technology] at [Edmond’s Community College]. My love and passion for training and taking care of dogs are what urged me to have my first job as a Dog Trainer at [Zen Dog, LLC], where I honed my expertise in identifying dog breeds and how to handle them properly. I also worked as a Dog Trainer at [Partner Dog School] where I handled [15] dogs a month and introduced them to playgroups to enhance their social behaviors. Moreover, I worked as a Dog Trainer for almost [five (5)] years at [Petco] and provided support to the dogs’ foster families.

I am excited about the opportunity to handle and take care of your client’s dogs. Please don’t hesitate to use the contact details below to get a hold of me. Thank you so much for your consideration.



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