Fitness Trainer Cover Letter

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Please accept my application letter together with my resume as I apply for the position of a fitness trainer in [Crossfit Spawners]. I am an experienced fitness trainer and I have been working in the fitness industry for [fifteen years]. I would be delighted to work and offer my knowledge and services as one of your fitness trainers, seeing as I have met most, if not all, the things on your checklist of skills and specifications required for the job. 

During my [fifteen years] as a fitness trainer, I have been helping individuals by ensuring that they are able to perform their workout routines and maneuvers in ways that they will be able to reach their personal fitness goals. I also listen to my clients on their physical limitations so that I can provide them with easier alternatives that will still benefit them. I also advise my clients on proper nutrition to improve their lifestyle and so that they’ll live a healthy life. 

I am confident that my qualifications are a perfect fit for the position of a fitness trainer in your fitness facility. You may refer to my contact information below if you wish to contact me for updates or schedule an appointment to discuss matters of employment. You may contact me on any day of the week. I hope that I am given the opportunity to assist your establishment bey becoming one of its fitness trainers. Thank you and may we keep in touch.



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