Fitness Personal Trainer Cover Letter

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Please accept my application letter together with my resume as I apply for the fitness personal trainer position in [Crossfit Renegade]. I am an experienced fitness personal trainer and I have been working in the fitness industry for [nine years]. I would be delighted to work and offer my services as one of your fitness trainers, seeing as I have met most, if not all, the things on your checklist of the skills and specifications required for the position. 

During my [nine years] of experience as a personal fitness trainer, I have guided my clients in delivering the proper technique and form for the different maneuvers during exercise activities. I also give alternate training exercises to some of my clients with physical limitations and base these exercises on their fitness level and skills. My responsibility is to ensure that my clients won’t experience any accidents and possible injuries as they do their best in reaching their fitness goals.

I am confident that my qualifications fit perfectly with what you’re looking for in a fitness personal trainer. You may refer to my contact information below if you wish to contact me and schedule an interview with me, assuming that you have seen me as a possible candidate for the position. I hope to spread my knowledge of health and fitness to your clients soon. Thank you. 



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