Employee Sensitisation Letter

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Dear [Julie R. Tinkle],

Good day!

As you know, our company upholds equality for all its employees regardless of tenure, level of expertise, and position. We strictly implement our policy in respecting race, gender, and culture as stated in section [8] of our [COC]. We take offense in any action that exhibits discrimination towards our colleagues.

In relation to this, a report on your prejudice towards your colleague’s race and culture was submitted to our office on [May 10, 2020]. The report outlines your actions and words against your colleague during a team meeting on [May 9, 2020], including statements from witnesses. The report has been filed as a serious violation of the previously stated section of our [COC]. 

This letter serves as a warning that any discriminatory action against any employee of the company will be handled seriously by the management. Moreover, you are hereby summoned to the [HR] office to discuss proper disciplinary actions with the General Manager and Team Leader corresponding to your violation.

The schedule for the said discussion will be sent after the finalization of the audiences’ schedules. If you have any further questions, you may contact me directly. 


[Denise M. Dillman]

[Human Resource Manager, Scribe Writing Consultancy LLC]

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