Request Proposal for Credit Facility Template

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Do you find yourself in need of a loan that involves revolving credit, committed facilities, and retail credit accounts, among others? If so, you can request one with the use of our Request Proposal for Credit Facility Template. We can guarantee you the utmost quality, along with an array of highly beneficial features. This is a professionally-designed item that is generally easy to use and comes with a high degree of customizability. The latter is particularly useful for when you have necessary edits to make. You’ll never find yourself lacking in opportunities regarding credit facility ever again, so do yourself a favor and download this today!

Request Proposal for Credit Facility Template



Good day!

I recently contacted you to discuss the necessary banking and credit requirements needed for [COMPANY NAME] last [DATE 1].

As you may know, [COMPANY NAME] has become well recognized in the [INDUSTRY] sector. From [START DATE] to [DATE], the company was able to gain revenue increases of [NUMBER]% just over the past [NUMBER 1] months. It is therefore understandable that, since we are a fast-growing company, the additional [NUMBER 2] new workers we have welcomed into our company has required us to increase our capital requirements.

[COMPANY NAME] has predicted that it will require a credit facility of nearly [NUMBER 3]. Enclosed within this letter is a copy of our latest financial statements, business plan and budget for the fiscal year of [DATE 2] which were utilized in our said forecasts. 

I am therefore requesting assistance in the creation of a feasible financing plan, which will greatly aid in maintaining and sustaining the company’s growth. I would be very grateful if you could carry out my request on or before [DATE 3] or whenever you see it to be most convenient. 

Your anticipated consideration and cooperation is highly appreciated. Should there be any information or inquiries you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] between [START TIME] to [END TIME] or email me at [YOUR EMAIL ID].

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon. 




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