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How to Make an Academic Calendar in Microsoft Word

Shape your students' learning experiences and help your faculty adjust their schedules every now and then through academic calendars. Inform everyone of the upcoming events your school is preparing and your student's summer and winter breaks. If you need assistance in creating an excellent academic calendar, we provide a few tips below.

1. Plan and Plot Your School Activities for the Year.

There are tons of academic events and activities that occur every year at school, and it is best to determine them before the school year starts. Plot all essential events such as midterm exams, graduation days, and other holidays your colleagues and students may look forward to and place it in your calendar.

2. Check for Holidays.

Don't you just love the holidays? No work, no school, just the warmth and coziness of your bed and the time you spend with your family. Whether its the fourth of July, Christmas, or New Year, excite everyone on the upcoming holidays that fall within the year and mark them red in your calendar.

3. Customize Your Academic Calendar.

Now that you have all your schedules planned, it's time to customize your calendar. There are plenty of ways to design your calendar. Choose the type of paper you wish to use for your calendar, think of your preferred size, then start designing it. You may add your university's theme color to your academic calendar.

4. Design and Review Your Academic Calendar.

In designing your calendar, make sure to balance your elements. Be unique, be stylish, but don't cramp your content with words and keep in mind that scale and visual hierarchy are essential elements in your design. Once you're done, be ready to print your calendar.

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