Do you need to keep your weekly or monthly tasks organized? Based on a survey conducted by, 22% of people use desk calendars on a daily basis. Perhaps, having a 12 month calendar gets you updated with your daily activities. For students and teachers, an academic calendar is an integral part of school life. It serves as a planner that is common in people who tend to forget task lists easily. If buying in malls is costly, you can have personalized school calendars with’s calendar templates.

Indeed, a calendar that you can personally design is convenient to align with what you need. But don’t worry, you don’t need to make it from scratch. gives you a list of planning calendars. These templates are preformatted and approved by our professional team. All you need is to pick a design that suits your needs. Get creative or be minimalist with’s edit feature. Edit anytime or anywhere with the responsive design. You can use the editor tool using laptops, computers, tablets, and even mobile devices. Additionally, the editor tool is accessible in any web browser. So it is convenient to edit wherever you are.

Each template is downloadable in Microsoft Word. Do you need to print it or keep a digital copy? allows you to do both. The options bar in the editor tool ensures you can print, share URL, or send to someone else email. Now, you have a unique and modern calendar you can use for school. So keep your activities organized and download’s collection of templates today!

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