There are a lot of ways to express the warmth of affection to your special someone or loved ones during anniversaries. One action that shows how special they are is by giving them a heart-whelming anniversary card. Here on our website, we offer you a variety of anniversary card templates that are printable and professionally made by our graphic designers. All of these are available in sizes 5x7 inches and 7x5 inches + bleed and are also editable using Microsoft Word. And, if you avail any of our subscription plans, you can enjoy exclusive deals from us. So, be a member today and work on one of the best templates. 

How to Create an Anniversary Card in Microsoft Word

Celebrating anniversaries started many years ago. It began in Germany and New Zealand when people started giving presents to people close to them. According to the author Nancy Swarbrick, these people used the colors silver, gold, etc. to represent the number of their wedding years. As time goes by, people also adapted the practices of Germans and Chinese, where they give gifts to the people whom they celebrate anniversaries with.

In the present times, giving cards may be old fashioned. But it is an effective way of telling and showing someone your gratitude. As they read the card that you made, they feel special and happy. Also, it is one way of showing care and concern.

There are lots of ways to make a wonderful and heartwarming anniversary card. If you intend to create an anniversary card, here are six basic steps in creating one.

1. Create a Draft

Try to reminisce and look from the past to get some inspiration when writing a creative card. In writing the draft of your anniversary card, try to express your feelings and thoughts. In this way, the recipients of your card will feel the sincerity of your appreciation.

2. Look for a Template

Creating a beautiful anniversary card will consume too much time, especially if you’re about to do a DIY one. It will also be expensive since you need to buy some colored papers that you can use as a decoration. So, it would be better to use a template. There are lots of templates that you can choose. Choose the template that is simple yet unique. It must suit the type of anniversary card that you are making.

3. Personalized your Anniversary Card

Once ready for customizing the anniversary card, open Microsoft Word. Then, transfer the prepared draft for the receiver. Keep in mind to write the name of the recipient and the date when you will give the anniversary card. You may adjust the typography of your simple card if you desire.

4. Enhance your Chosen Template

It will be possible for you to make some adjustments to the design of your anniversary card. Perhaps, you may start changing the color of your background. You may use an excellent color motif to your modern card if you want. Or, you may also incorporate some outstanding images and clip arts depending on the appearance of your card.

5. Make Use of Envelope

Finalize your message by reading the content for your anniversary card again and by correcting some major issues in the content. A romantic letter inside the anniversary card is a good idea, especially if you are giving it to your husband or wife. If you are giving a greeting card for your co-workers and friends, the content must be well-organized and clear. Save it your card to its highest quality before getting it printed using a quality paper. In giving it to the recipients, it will be better to use an envelope which has a similar size as your anniversary card. By doing this, you can secure your card's neatness and beauty.

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