How to Create an Anniversary Invitation in Pages

Whether you're celebrating your 1st, 25th or even the 50th anniversary, you should always consider the many ways in which you should invite your guests. You could invite them verbally through a video, youtube, or in person. However, inviting them via invitation makes things feel more personal. So if you want to do this, then below are some steps that can help you make the perfect anniversary invitation.

1. Plan It Out

Planning is powerful; It keeps you ready anytime and anywhere. Basically, you'll want to plan out the anniversary event so that you'll know what details to put into the invitations. This will help you with everything from what theme it's going to have to where it's going to be held. Without planning, you are preparing yourself to fail.

2. Keep a Guests List

You should keep a list of the people you want to invite so that you will know to whom you will send this type of formal invitation. Be sure to know the exact names of these people and that you get their complete addresses so that you can properly place them all into the invitations.

3. Conceptualize a Design

It's time to conceptualize a design, especially if you're starting off with a blank anniversary invitation. You can come up with one by making it match the theme of the event. You could also look for some designs on the internet and reference those for your anniversary event invitation's design.

4. Open the Apple Pages Software

Open up Apple Pages and include any graphical elements that 'll make your invitation more attractive. Also, make sure that the colors are attractive and go well with the theme. Be sure that you use fonts, background pictures, illustrations, and images that complement one other. Whether you want the main color to be gold or you want to use elegant pictures, always remember that how you design your invitation is entirely up to you.

5. Distribute It to Guests

When you are done, save and print what you've made. You can distribute your creative invitation via email, newsletter, card, or letter. Just remember to check who you're supposed to send them to so that they end up in the right hands.

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