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How to Create an Application Mind Map in Apple Mac Pages

Since the advent of the electronic markets, the opportunity for application developers to achieve big things with a single popular application that has increased to freelance software developers and programmers operating in the application development industry. In mid-2016, there are approximately 130 billion applications that had been purchased, installed, and downloaded worldwide from the Apple App Store. There are about 65 billion applications had been downloaded from Google Play, as reported in Statista. With the number of Statistical results, one thing is for sure is an application development market is continually expanding and emerging.

In this article, we will lead you through the preparation of an application mind map with the following essential steps to guide you throughout the process.

1. Shape Your Main Subject

Business mind maps must demonstrate the main subject's form. You have to choose a specific subject and let your creative mind evolve on it as ideas come to you, and you see more links. Do this by showing conceptually relative importance on a particular subject about applications, and outline the different concepts that contribute to each other.

2. Brainstorm Creative Ideas About the Subject

As you begin to illustrate, you can now start brainstorming the main subject. Brainstorming can be achieved either personally or in group setups. It includes jotting down everything related to the subject that you can think of by utilizing keywords, instead of long phrases, or paragraphs.

3. Start Mapping Your Ideas

Now that you have a central idea, you can now illustrate your application development mind map by using a useful mind map examples. Incorporate the subject in the middle part of the design and play with shapes, colors, and icons. Ensure that you have your design in landscape orientation, and write the subject's name in at least 1-2 words.

4. Continue With the Mapping

Expand your application project mind map by drawing more classifications for each major and minor sub-category of the subject, which continues from the highlighted subject and mark it with keywords, brief statements, or pictures. If you wish to add more branches, feel free to do so.

5. Finalize Everything

Before you end with your design mind map, do not forget to finalize everything by reviewing all of it. You can add some more keywords, modify it, or discover new ideas. The latter will enable you to check for reliability and inconsistencies.

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