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What Is an Application Letter?

An application letter is a printed document that aims to state the willingness to apply for a vacant job position in a particular company. Applicants write application letters to introduce themselves to potential employers. The old fashion application letters are handwritten, but the availability of digital word processors and publishing printers made it possible to produce printed application letters. Normally, an application letter serves as a cover page and attached with a resume or curriculum vitae. An application letter is an important legal document, especially in employment. This letter is part of screening an applicant; that's why a well-written application letter is worth writing.

How to Make an Application Letter in Pages

One of the most known letters is an application letter. It is because in a day many job applicants are applying for their desired job. In this way, fresh graduates or experienced applicants make a well-written application letter to emphasize their intention to apply. Also, an application letter contains the introduction of the applicants to their prospective employer. With the vast option for people to create substantial documents, some tools aid application letters. Word processing applications like Apple Pages is one of the most used word processing application. With the help of Apple Pages, you'll finish your application letter in no time. There are other means of writing an application letter. Regardless of the tools, what's important is to come up with a comprehensive application letter. Here's a quick guide in making the best application letter in Apple Pages. Stick to our list for a smooth sail.

1. Start With a Rough Draft

Before diving into the actual application letter, write a draft of the application letter. The draft will be your visual representation for your application letter. By this time, start composing a temporary content. Make sure to introduce yourself, state your desire for the job position, and where did you get the hiring information. Make the content substantial, direct, brief, but tells a clear though. A well-written application letter goes a long way.

2. Launch Apple Pages on Your Desktop

Set aside your draft, then open Apple Pages on your desktop. Launch the word processing application by clicking the icon. Wait for it to load fully. After loading the app, start with a new formal document. Typically, you will see a blank white sheet. Don't worry about what you are viewing. It is normal.

3. Download an Application Letter Template

Now that your word processing application ready look for an application letter template online. There's a wide selection of templates on the internet. Make sure to get a template from a reliable source. You would not want a sloppily made template. Though you can start the letter from scratch, having a template will save you some time. Using an application letter template is very helpful for beginners too. So you won't have a hard time trying to figure out how to begin the sample letter.

4. Start Working on the Template

Once you settled for a template, start your application letter. Go back to the draft, and make it your reference as you're completing the letter. Be mindful of the parts of a letter such as a date, addressee, salutation, body, and closing remarks.

5. Finalize the Application Letter; Save Your Document

As soon as you finish with the content of the application letter, make a run through. Proofreading the letter will prevent misspelled words, punctuations, spacing, and incorrect information. If possible, let a colleague or an expert go through the letter to help you with its technicalities.

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