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How to Make a Roll-Up Banner in Illustrator

Roll-Up Banner or also known as Roller Banners or Pull Up Banners are a significant resource for any exhibitor seeking to stand out at a trade show or exhibition. They can also be used as an excellent addition to your point of sale material to create an enormous effect in your store or location of the company. There are different types of a roll-up banner, some of them are a retractable banner, vinyl banners, flag banner, pop up banner, pull up banner, stand up banner, and many more. Roll-up banners are a very creative tool for advertising during an event or exhibit. It provides ease in transferring from one place to another since it has open and close features. The recoil system allows easy set-up, removal, storage, and transportation of the stand. Making your roll-up banner requires a lot of creativity since it needs to be attractive for people to look at. But, you do not need to worry since you can download our templates above and you can customize your roll-up banner by following the provided steps below.

1. Place the Logo

Since you aim to advertise and promote, you need to place the logo of your company or product on the roll-up banner mockup. To make it more visible and to attract the attention of passers-by, place the logo at the topmost of the roll-up banner. Make sure that the size of your logo is visible even for a distance.

2. Layout the Design and Information

The design and the information of your roll-up banner need to be laid out chronologically. The data needs to be concise and informative so that the people who will read it at a glance will automatically understand what you are promoting. The design should complement and coincide with what you are promoting to avoid confusing the people. Everything needs to be clean and designed beautifully to make your advertising effective. Use Adobe Illustrator when you do the design and insert the information since the software has buttons that are easy to navigate.

3. Insert High-Quality Images

As they have said, pictures can tell a lot. To avoid boring the people who look at your roll-up banner, placing images related to what you are promoting will be effective. Insert high-quality pictures so that the graphics of the image will not be ruined upon printing.

4. Decide the Size

Before you print your roll-up banner, you need to decide first its size. You can choose from different sizes such as 600mm (wide) x 1700mm (high), 850mm (wide) x 2000mm (high), and 1000mm (wide) x 2200mm (high). Choose a size that you think best suits the area you will be placing the roll-up banner. Also, decide on the orientation of your banner, will it be vertical or horizontal.

5. Print the Roll-Up Banner

After you are done following all the steps above, you can now print your banner. It will be better if you hire a professional printing business since a banner can't be printed at home because of the size and the material that will be used. Make sure that you have reviewed the roll-up banner before you let them print. Do not forget to inform them about the size of the roll-up banner you want to have.

6. Utilize your Roll-Up Banner

Place your roll-up banner to an area where your targeted customers are abundant. Choose a place where people can easily see it. Use a sturdy roll-up banner stand to avoid knocking down the banner.

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