In every type of project, a proposal must be written to have a formal and legal process of closing a deal or contract of both parties throughout the project. At the start of any project, a company or freelancer will present a bid proposal to a client. This must be appropriately written, or else the client will not choose you as the contractor. To be able to write a winning proposal, we have here an easily editable Bid Proposal template in Microsft Word format. Since it is ready-made, worrying about the outline of the proposal will no longer be a problem. Win a project today by downloading and customizing our template now!

How to Write a Bid Proposal in Microsoft Word

Either you are a freelancer or working from a company, it is already given that you cannot start a project if there is no bid proposal presented for your client. Being good at completing a project is not the only variable that is needed to receive a project, but a winning bid proposal is also an important thing. Instead of providing step-by-step directions on how to write a bid proposal, we are here to give you effective tips that you must always consider in making a winning bid proposal.

1. Know the Purpose

Before you start writing, know first about the bid proposal and your purpose in writing it. Remember that a bid proposal is written to persuade, not to inform. A bid proposal is written to convince your client to choose your company for a project. To achieve convincing your client, avoid providing detailed information about the capabilities of your company but instead persuade your client by providing comprehensive information on why they must choose your company. Take the bid proposal as persuasive writing.

2. Think about Your Client

The best way to convince your clients is to determine their weaknesses and use them as something your company can offer. Extensive research is the key to achieve this. You must know your client's strong and weak points in order to persuade them that your company is the best in providing the things they lack. The content of your proposal must be in uniform to the client's interest because it will make them believe that your company is ready to solve whatever their problem is.

3. Understand the Project

Another way to win the bid is to make your proposal in line with the client's way of thinking. You can do this by understanding what the demands of the clients are. You must understand what the proposal is all about. Aside from thinking that a bid proposal is persuasive writing, you must remember that it is also about sales. Understanding the project will enable you to write the content of the bid proposal fitted to the construction project, estimates, contract, or any business projects.

4. Offer a Convincing Value

If your bid proposal does not show a value of what your business has that your client does not have, then it is not a good bid. Your bid must give an absolute value of things that your company can offer to the client. Even though it is stated in the first step to avoid doing such things, then it is true. What this step means is that your bid must provide a list of values that your company will offer instead of providing long comprehensive details about the capabilities of your company.

5. Provide Proof

To support the values you have provided, you must show proof of things that you are capable of providing such benefits. Show evidence that are related to the type of project. If you have done multiple types of projects in the same kind, then only provide the recent one. Providing proof of your previous bid form, bid estimate, or any bidding proposal will make your client more convinced.

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