People do a countdown for special occasions. Are you one of them? Who wouldn't get excited to see all your loved ones gather for the occasion? It becomes an instant reunion of family and friends. How much more if they get together for an important event of your life every year? Your birthday. Birthdays become more extraordinary when celebrated with people dear to us — planning to gather them on your upcoming birthday? Bring them together by sending them birthday invitations. Beautifully make them using our Birthday Invitation Card templates. These card templates are readily available for download and personalization in Microsoft Publisher, Word, Apple Pages, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. They are also printable in 4x6 and 5x7 inches paper size with Bleed and portrait and landscape orientation style. Happy Birthday to you!

How to Make a Birthday Invitation Card in Illustrator

Birthdays are one of a person’s most wonderful time of the year. Reaching another milestone, achieving and learning more, maturing, celebrating, and embracing changes in our lives. That’s how important birthdays are. Without that date, people haven’t met a person they never knew would have a significant part in their lives. What are you planning for your birthday? How will you celebrate it? If it is a bang of a party, we can help you with something, your birthday invitation cards. But before the party, check out the party invitation etiquettes prepared by Robin Bickerstaff Glover for you to be guided in inviting people to your event and in receiving an invitation. Now, follow the guide steps below to make the invitation cards and send them out to your favorite people.

1. Have the Celebrant’s Details

Get started making this invitation card by collecting information about the birthday celebrant. Know his or her name, turning age, and date of birth, most importantly. These are the primary details that qualify with the word birthday. Use font styles and sizes that will emphasize the information mentioned above on the card. You may add the celebrant’s photo to make the card really personalized. The recipient of the invitation would be pleased to be informed about the celebrant’s details so they can truly prepare for the party.

2. Get the Party Details

Get the details regarding the venue, birthday theme, and schedule of the party. You can choose the celebrant’s favorite color, cartoon character, or thing as the party’s theme. State these details on the invitation card for the birthday invitees to know and prepare. Add call to action details if you think that there is a need. Like in the celebrant’s details, appropriate font style and sizes for these details to make them noticeable enough. Introduce the party and celebrant details in a unique welcoming way.

3. Give the Card a Birthday Ambiance

Do not leave the card unattended with background and other designs. Critique the font styles you applied to the texts and the photo and other images you inserted on the card. Customize them with Adobe Illustrator’s modification tools. Improve the card more by adding a background design to the card. You can use the party theme that was decided earlier for this one. Critique once again the designed card you just made if it already suits your taste. Make more improvements and changes with Illustrator’s easy to use tools.

4. Enclose the Card in an Envelope

Envelopes may be seen as formal storage of documents, but in your graphic documents, like this invitation card, it makes the invitation more special. Use a designed envelope as well to make it all the more special. A special invitation for a special person in someone’s life. The invitee would feel more encouraged to join the birthday party because the celebrant gave him or her a well-prepared invitation card. As much as possible, if you include this in the birthday preparation budget to make the birthday plan more complete.

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