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How to Create a Birth Certificate in Adobe Illustrator?

A birth certificate is an official government-issued record of a person's birth that are printed on security paper that has an official seal. The purpose of a birth certificate extends not just for legal identity, but also for obtaining official documents. Take note; not all birth certificates look the same because some states may require more or lesser data compared to other states. Nevertheless, this official document should always be kept secure since it contains sensitive and personal information.

The following are the guidelines in creating a birth certificate:

1. Consider Using a Template

Registration is vital for national planning and management. A birth certificate is a fundamental legal document that gives identity to a child and provides several rights such as the right to schooling, passport, health care, property ownership, formal employment, voting, access to banking services, nationality, and many more. Are you working in a government department that is responsible for birth registration? If you are, we're offering you a great deal in making the birth certificates. You can check out and download any of our ready-made birth certificate templates, so you won't need to spend a massive amount of time in making its layout. All you have to do is to replace a few details and customize your chosen template using Adobe Illustrator to fit it according to the preference of the management.

2. Deal with the Content

As much as possible, make the birth certificate simple; unless if you're making a birth certificate for a pet such as a puppy. However, when it comes to a human birth certificate, you have to make it formal. You have to be keen on inputting the birth information since modifying a single mistake may cost a handful of money. In the United States, there are two different types of birth certificates, namely: informational and certified birth certificate. Informational birth certificates are given by the hospital which contains the name of the baby, the name of parents, the time and date of birth, the city, country, and state of birth, and the footprints or handprints of the baby. Meanwhile, a certified birth certificate is the official record of birth and considered a legal document. The latter type of birth certificate is the one used to obtain official documents.

3. Provide Signatory Lines

At the bottom part of your certificate of live birth, you have to provide signatory lines for the authorities' authentication. Signatures are essential features in any official documents since it denotes if the document is original or fake.

4. Proofread and Print

Do not print the certificate right after you finished encoding the data. This document is a legal proof of someone's identity; therefore, you have to allocate some time to check the entire paper so you can produce a clean and exact birth certificate. In printing this document, do not use any other paper; instead, use security papers. Take note; if a person were not able to obtain an acceptable birth certificate, you could advise them to submit an Affidavit of Birth as a substitute.

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