Every year, all people celebrate their birthdays. And birthdays symbolize different things to different people. So, you can use this amazing event to get more clients and customers to your business. You can do this by using birthday vouchers. You can treat people by giving them a discount to lunch or others. If you're looking for one, download our Birthday Templates in Microsoft Publisher! These are printable, easily editable, and fillable. These are available in 8.5x4 inches + Bleed. These are beautifully designed, too. What are you waiting for? Download a voucher template and make people fall in love with their birthdays even more!

How to Make a Birthday Voucher in Microsoft Publisher

The Old Farmer's Almanac says that in the USA, around 814,000 people share birthdays each day. And birthdays mean a lot to a lot of people. So, to make the birthday celebrants feel that you are celebrating with them on their special day, you can give them birthday gift vouchers. Here are some steps that you can follow in making one:

1. Add Birthday Designs

Your designs should match what the gift card is all about. Since it's all about birthdays, you need to add designs that symbolize birthdays like balloons, cakes, and candles.

2. Use Colors

Don't make your coupon dull. Make it alive by using colors like a birthday card. You have the liberty to choose the color that you want. You can use your business color palette or choose other colors.

3. Provide the Terms and Conditions

The owner of the voucher has to know the terms and conditions of the voucher so that there'll be no confusion on his or her part. Make sure that the terms and conditions are simple, concise, and straight to the point.

4. Highlight the Offer

You have to showcase the offer you have like a discount on the simple voucher. This way, it would get the attention of people. This is a perfect marketing strategy for you.

5. Put a Simple Message

Like a birthday greeting card, you can put a simple message like, "Happy Birthday." Keep the message sweet and short. This can make the birthday celebrant feel happy.

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