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How to Create a Birth Certificate in Microsoft Publisher

A birth certificate is a legal document that contains a vital record of a newborn child. Being certified is important as it means that you can use the document for legal transactions, especially for academic enrollment, passport, and national ID acquirement. Through time, birth certificates don't only limit to live human births as they can now be used in animals, especially for pets.

Listed below is a guide on how you can efficiently craft a birth certificate.

1. Determine The Certificate's Use

Understandably, you opt to create a birth certificate. But what is it for? Is it for human use? Or for pets? Determine first the use of your certificate, for this will serve as your base on how you can actualize one.

2. Select The Birth Certificate Size

Your birth certificate's size will determine the amount of content and design that you want to inject into your layout. In choosing the best size for your documents, you need to consider your design style and preference. If you wish to pick our simple and customizable birth certificate templates, it offers you a standard size of (US) 8.5x11 inches + Bleed.

3. Pick A Program For Your Certificate Layout

Your chosen editing software plays a vital role in your layout process. We highly suggest that you would pick the program that will suit your layout capacity. In this case, Microsoft Publisher would be a great program to use. Microsoft Publisher is an editing program that is fully-generated for printed projects such as certificates and flyers. However, if you opt to use other file formats, feel free to check on our available certificate templates. We also offer birth certificate templates that can be accessed through different file formats.

4. Layout Your Birth Certificate

In determining your birth certificate's design motif, you can make use of the newborn's gender. Determine if it is a baby boy or a baby girl, then, you can now formally identify the elements that you want to inject into your layout. Birth certificates don't necessary needs to be simple and old fashioned in terms of design. Modern certificates nowadays incorporate aesthetics upon designing, so consider this in your birth certificate layout.

5. Insert The Certificate Wordings

Your birth certificate's content serves as the primary soul of your document. In your certificate detail construction, you need to accurately include the birth information and data such as the name of the newborn, the date of birth, the time, weighing pounds/ kilos, birthplace, and name of parents. A birth certificate is a form of a legal document, so carefully check the details to avoid inaccuracy and error. To make things more convenient, you make use of our editable certificates available here on our site.

6. Print Your Certificate

After the necessary content and design edits, you can now start producing a hardcopy of your birth certificate. Then, decide on whether to print your certificates in a home/ office printer or to your local print store. If you wish to print your certificates on your home printer, make sure that you'll use a high-quality paper to ensure your certificate's durability. Also, you can also make use of our available printable certificates, so check them out!

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