Did you know that Black Friday literally means "profitable" Friday? Because in accounting, black means profit. The day following Thanksgiving is one of the most look forward to since retailers offer special discounts on the original prices of products. And this makes Black Friday as the busiest and most income-generating time of the year. How do companies make a profit despite the great deals they offer? It's theirs to keep, but we know how companies promote their business to the shoppers-- through flyers. So, if you are one of the companies out there that wants a dense profit, here's an easy to download Black Friday flyer template that you can get for free and editable in M.S. Word. Don't miss out on the chance to own a customizable, high-quality, and printable flyer template today!

How to Make a Black Friday Flyer in Microsoft Office Word

According to Statista.com, police officers coined the term Black Friday because of the catastrophic event during the busiest shopping day before Christmas. The same source shows data projecting that Black Friday is getting bigger every year. On a recent survey in 2019, 36 percent of the respondents in the United States consider doing Christmas shopping on Black Friday. Who would not get excited about the markdown prices on selected products? For sure, shoppers will take advantage of sales and discounts. This shopping frenzy contributes to economic bonanza. Since the early 2000s, when Black Friday started to become popular, the expected spending increased to an average of 515 U.S. dollars in 2018. In a way, Black Friday has become a routine associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas day. So we made a list of steps to help you with a Black Friday flyer. Read the easy tips below.

1. Highlight the Purpose of the Flyer

An effective flyer can communicate and sends out the purpose directly. If the flyer lacks the quality to connect to its target audience, then it needs tweaking. In order to create an effective flyer, you must know the basic content it carries. A simple flyer should have a headline, business details, and a list of products or services offered. Since you will be making a flyer for Black Friday, you must incorporate the things you want to highlight for that day.

2. Download a Flyer Template

To avoid the tedious part of starting from scratch, use a business flyer template. There are promising flyer template sources online. However, not all guarantee high-quality products. So, get a template from a reliable source. Also, make sure that the template is editable and customizable to give you a head start.

3. Convey the Message in the Content Clearly

One of the most crucial parts in marketing flyer making providing complete and comprehensive content. The trick in making one is to be simple, short, and straightforward. Unlike brochures, a flyer has limited space for wordy content. The key to making a flyer comprehensive is only to include the most important details. There is no room for unnecessary things.

4. Font, Format, and Layout are Crucial

Since you will be working on a skimpy sheet, choosing font style and size is an important job. First, you should know that the headline must be in bold fonts. The content is in regular size and makes sure it is readable. Also, keep an eye on the formatting even the creative flyer template provides it. It would help if you won't cram everything in the flyer, so take a glimpse if it is friendly to the eyes.

5. Find an Effective Distribution Channel

The easiest to send out professional flyers is to distribute it on high foot traffic areas like subways, streets, or parks. But if it takes too much effort to do, give out flyers to your customers. Digitally marketing can be helpful too. Upload the flyer on websites or social networking sites as a poster or advertisement. You'll see that the result will improve.

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