How to Make a Black Friday Template in Microsoft Word?

In making a Black Friday Template or any business template, one has to envision their goals in selling out their store's products and procuring profit for their business. During this time of the year, many people flock to malls and stores hoping to score the best deal they can find at a much more affordable price. If you're a retail store yourself with plans to empty old stocks to make space for a new set of goods, then you'll need persuasive paraphernalia to draw in consumers. However, if you have no clue how to design your own Black Friday template, then follow these steps below to guide you.

1. Be Intuitive

In times like these, it is required to take that extra strategic mile in garnering customers to your store. Remember, Black Friday isn't just a holiday per se instead it's also the time when cunning businesspeople take advantage of the insatiable populace's demand for worldly possessions. In this context, since you're the retailer, you'd want to usurp this opportunity for your monetary gain. Be sure to give in to their pleadings and cater to what they need. After all, you're trying to dispose of old stock immediately.

2. Draft Out a Gift Guide

Constant promotions prior to Black Friday is essential to solidify the thrust of your sales when the actual event happens. By being knowledgeable about your audience, you can construct a compelling gift guide or banner by using categories based on price range, gender, or product color. Make sure to indicate special offers if necessary.

3. Choose a Black Friday Template

When choosing a Black Friday template, there are many choices out there. Most of it can range from a banner, a poster, or even a promo flyer. If you decide to develop your own template, then feel free to do so. However, if time constraints prohibit you from designing, then get yourself a ready-made template.

4. Open Microsoft Word

Since all of these promotional templates fit the format for Microsoft Word, go ahead and open the software. Microsoft Word is relatively easy to use, and if you aren't proficient in handling the platform, then there are many tutorials to help you out.

5. Design Your Template

Creativity is critical in attracting your customers. That's why your aesthetics need to par up with the conventional perception of what's attractive. Whether it's a creative voucher or a marketing flyer, be sure to use high-quality graphics and backgrounds, relative artworks and symbols, and harmonized color patterns.

6. Edit it and Print It Out or Place It on Social Media

After you've structured everything, go back and review it one more time. Make the necessary adjustments you deem fit. Once you've finished the output, print it out or post it on social media. Based on a survey done by Adobe Analytics, during Black Friday 2018, online sales procured up to $9.9 billion. That approximated monetary outcome measures to about $6.2 billion on Black Friday and $3.7 billion on Thanksgiving alone.

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