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How to Make a Bridal Shower Invitation in Publisher

A wedding day is a special moment for any couple to experience. If the couples want to settle in and tie their bond, it will lead to a grand wedding—a wedding that will symbolize their true love. However, some of the fun starts before the grand celebration, like the rehearsal dinner, bachelor's party, and bridal showers. The bridal shower is a traditional celebration before the wedding. It is also an opportunity for the bride and her loved ones to celebrate before her big day. If you are the bride or the one hosting the bridal shower, invite your family and friends to celebrate a classy or tea party themed bridal shower. In this article, we provide some tips for creating a unique but straightforward invitation for special events.

1. Pick a Bridal Shower Theme

After you announced that you are going to throw a bridal shower, you can now proceed to pick a theme of the party, whether it is a champagne brunch or tea party. It is necessary to identify the theme for you to know what is the best design that is suitable for your bridal shower invitation. Also, state the theme on your invitation to notify your guest beforehand about the motif of your thrown party. However, if you like vintage, you can also download our best vintage invitation template fit for any event.

2. Download Invitation Templates

If you want to have a beautifully designed template, we have a good selection of elegant and unique template designs available for download here on our site. When you download our templates, you will get ahold of ideal and professionally written printable invitation templates. These invitations are suitable for all kinds of events.

3. Announce the Event Purpose and Details

When your loved ones and friends receive the invitation, they will think what's the purpose of the event. There are several kinds of events, so be specific in stating the celebration or occasion when inviting people. Even if they expected the celebration, it could be a baby shower or wedding invitation. So, it would be best if you highlighted that you're going to throw a bridal shower to make it clear, especially to your friends and other guests. Lastly, don't forget to state the essential details, including month, day, year, and even the exact time when the part is going to start. Notably, some people are so particular in terms of the precise date of the event.

4. Give Your Guest Directions

After including the date and time, you should also indicate the location where the bridal shower will take place. If you're making a simple invitation, don't forget to enumerate the specific location. As much as possible, show a map of the area, especially if it is particularly tricky to reach or locate. Whether the bridal shower is being held at the restaurant or someone's house, providing location allows the guest to get quickly to where the bridal shower is located.

5. Highlight the Host's Contact Details

In your bridal shower invitation, you must indicate who is hosting the event. It is necessary to have the hostname of the event where the guest will know who's the head and to contact for questions. You can also send thank-you cards to show your appreciation to each individual who attended your bridal shower no more than two weeks after the date of the party.

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