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What Is a Company Brochure?

Generally, a brochure is a piece of promotional paper that helps to advertise products, entertain readers, persuade the audience, organize ideas, relay pieces of information, and inform the public about a particular subject. More often, companies and business brochures because it is one of the most effective marketing strategies that help them sell to their prospect market. Unlike advertising in magazines and televisions, using a brochure is inexpensive, and it reaches people. People who produce this kind of marketing material print them in bulk numbers in brochure printing companies.

How to Make a Company Brochure in InDesign

Honestly, there are so many ways to craft your company brochure, especially if tools are always available whenever you use them. But the essential brochure making tip is to know the basics. Of course, there are considerations in making a company brochure such as picking the topic that you are going to talk about or organizing your ideas.

Though you can tell anything using a brochure, you have to stick to promoting and advertising when you make one for a company or a business. The best brochures are carefully planned and well-crafted. So ready yourself because we made a list of steps that will guide you as you make a company brochure in Adobe InDesign:

1. Choose a Subject for Your Company Brochure

There are so many things that you can talk about, but make sure that people will be interested in it and will be beneficial to your company as well. When you make a company brochure, it must make a profit or will make your company known. The last thing that you want would be to fall behind while your competitors are ahead of your business.

2. Make an Outline; Do Your Research or Survey

Once you have a topic in mind, go straight to your research. If ideas are flowing, you better huddle them up before it disappears like bubbles. For sure, the subjects that you want to talk about have significant points. If you're rooting for a more organized content, outline your content from the main idea and make a subsection for the smaller ideas. After you outline, do your research so that you can support your content. If necessary, do a survey. Doing a survey can come up with results like data, numbers, and figures. If your idea needs more details, you can add up the survey results to back it up.

3. Choose a Reliable Template; Edit Company Brochure Template

When you have finished the outline and have done your research, download a brochure template. Having a template will make your task easier. Though you can make a brochure from scratch, using a template will be more relaxed, and it will give you a head start. Your simple brochure template comes with an editable layout and content that you can customize however you want. When you start editing your template, see to it that your layout and design will relate to your company's brand. In one way or another, your brochure must represent your business as much as possible.

4. Start Filling In the Blanks in Your Template

The best thing about having a template is, while allowing you to edit the suggestive content creatively, it also makes your task easier. Usually, a brochure has parts that you have to fill, and it includes the name of the business or company, logo, brochure cover, slogan, main content, and your company's contact details such as telephone number and email address. You have a choice to make a bifold or trifold brochure. Having your brochure folded will help you make space for the content.

5. Make Sure Everything Is Correct

Don't consider the brochure as finished if you haven't proofread it. Read back to your content, and if you find misspelled words and information, change it. Make alterations if necessary.

6. Print and Distribute the Company Brochure

Now that your task in making a company brochure is complete, print your brochure on a glossy paper. Glossy paper is a high-quality paper, and it will make the brochure stay in shape as it lands from one hand to the other.

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