Minimal designs provide room for breathing, and if you are using brochures to promote your business, going minimal would be a good way to make sure that all the attention goes towards the relevant content. Aside from being attention-grabbing, minimal brochures are also capable of providing readers with the information they've been craving from you. If you're worried that your brochures might look incoherent and distracting, has the solution to your problem with our minimal brochure templates in Pages. These templates are downloadable, 100% customizable, printable, and easily editable in all versions of Apple Pages. Get to work now by subscribing to any of our ready-made brochure templates.

How to Make Minimal Brochures in Apple Pages

People always say less is more, and we can agree with them this time around. In the case of advertising brochures, minimal designs can offer more content to readers without diverting their attention away from what's important. But that doesn't mean that you're no longer allowed to add creative elements to the layout, it simply means that the emphasis is on the content rather than the design. Here, we'll teach you the basics of minimalism in graphic design and how you can apply it when making brochures.

1. Choose a Type of Brochure

Although we already know that we're trying to pull off a minimal brochure, we will still need to decide on a type. Brochures come in several types that differ in terms of the folds, and these types include both bi-fold and tri-fold brochures. Your choice matters since the brochure types depend on how you wish to present your content to your readers.

2. Organize Your Ideas and Write a Draft

Regardless of the minimalism, it is very important that you organize your content to make it easier for the readers to go through all the information. Since business brochures come in folds and panels, you can take advantage of these features to help you in organizing the brochure's content. Start by organizing all your ideas and creating a draft of the content, this will help you determine which details are necessary and which ones should be left out.

3. Use Apple Pages

Of course, you will need Apple Pages installed on your computer to start creating your project. If you already have, open the program and start a new document. While Pages may be a word processor and typesetting app, you can also make eye-catching designs with its graphic-rendering features. Build the initial layout by creating columns according to the number of panels that will be in your simple brochure. Afterward, start adding the content according to the draft that you prepared earlier.

4. Play with Color Schemes

People often have the wrong impression that minimal designs have a monochrome color scheme, but you can actually add other colors to the design as long as they're not distracting. Consider using two or three colors that complement each other and exhibit your creative brochure n a good light. And when using contrasting colors, make sure that the foreground elements such as the photos and text are able to stand out from the background.

5. Proofread Your Content

While Apple Pages already comes with a spelling and grammar checker, nothing beats proofreading it yourself. To further ensure quality content for your elegant brochures, always take time to go over your work to check not only the spelling and grammar but also the spacing, punctuation marks, and the structure of the sentences. If errors are found, don't hesitate to take the necessary action.

6. Print Your Minimal Brochures

Brochures are meant to be printed for it to be used in marketing campaigns, which is why it is important to save your work in a printable file format. Use high-quality materials to bring out the best of the design while promoting durability especially if you're looking forward to a snowball effect with your brochures.

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