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How to Create Retro Brochures in Adobe InDesign

As a generation evolves, so will its style. The trends of today and years ago differ from each other and the evidence is the style from each era. However, some old trends continue to surface even in today's generation. It still remains to color the various company areas or activities on a daily basis. The retro style, also referred to as the vintage theme, is a component of the popular trends that continue to refresh every few years. An imaginative representation of previous collections like music, clothing, and art is developed in the retro style. We listed six steps below for you to follow on how to create a brochure with retro-themed using Adobe InDesign brochure templates that are perfect for your businesses and events.

1. Use Adobe InDesign as your Editing Software

Did you know that Adobe InDesign is a software used to create documents such as printed brochures, posters, flyers, magazines, newspapers, books, and ebooks? Set your worries aside and download Adobe InDesign on your online devices because it has all the features you need to create a retro brochure for your business and events.

2. Select a Time Period

Retro brochures or marketing materials involve a particular time frame at all times. Are you planning for a 50's style? Or a 90's flyer? Or how about the '80s? Think about the era that inspires you and once you're done selecting the time period for your retro brochure, you can begin collecting components that suit your selected time period perfectly.

3. Gather the Details You Want to State

Add your event or company promotion to the retro style you have chosen. Collect all the necessary data about the event and ensure that the essential elements are included. Use readable fonts in your brochure so that your readers won't have a hard time reading the content that is written in your printable brochure and at the same time use light colors for the flyer background. If necessary, kindly double-check everything for clarification processes.

4. Download a Retro Theme Brochure Template

If you don't have the time to design from a blank canvas, then you may download retro brochure templates online. Here in our site, we showcase tons of vintage-looking event flyer templates with a bi-fold or tri-fold brochure format that you can choose from. Just replace and edit it with the content according to the company you are working with.

5. Make Revisions If There Are Any

You don't want to disappoint your readers, right? That is why once you're done on the content and the design for your old school flyer, it's time for you to make revisions if there are any mistakes. Why? Because it helps you check if there are any grammatical errors that were included in your brochure. Don't waste your time and effort because of just one mistake. Proofread every word to avoid humiliation from your clients and customers.

6. Print the Retro Brochure

You can begin printing your old fashioned design when all is complete. Start distributing your marketing brochure to everyone to help you promote your business and at the same time, invite individuals to participate in your event.

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