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What Is a Burger Menu?

A burger menu is the list of different burgers that can be bought by the customers. A menu can educate the customers about the dishes and beverages offered by food businesses. Menus should be appealing to whoever would read it. This is one of the ways of advertising the dishes in food businesses. There are different menus out there: a breakfast menu, a dinner menu, a bar menu card, and others.

How to Make a Burger Menu

Your burger menu is one of the reflections of your business. Through your sample menu, you are promoting all the dishes your restaurant or business offers. Here are some steps on how to start making your burger menu:

1. Menu Concept

First, you need to decide on the concept you want to have. Try searching online about menu ideas for your burger menu. Another thing, you can incorporate your business' concept into your menu. There are different concepts you can research about. You can have a playful theme, a family style, a bistro, or a classy concept. Another thing, with your colors, try using bright colors like yellow, orange, and red. According to color psychology, these colors trigger hunger among customers. Make sure that you keep your designs simple.

2. List Down the Food Choices

For your menu, you need to list first down the burgers you want to include in your menu. Categorize them according to type since not all burgers are created equal. For example, categorize the burgers that belong to the short stack burgers, meaning these burgers have compact bulk. You can put them in the same category. Make sure that you arrange your burgers according to their types so that customers can choose easily.

3. Decide the Names of the Food

Your food menu item names can entice your customers into buying them. So, you need to decide how you can name your burgers. You can make burger names out from the ingredients used, and name them by including adjectives and delicious descriptions. It's really up to you.

4. Pricing and Food Descriptions

Before you start pricing your food items, you need to do some calculations first. In placing descriptions on your printable menu, make sure to keep it short. Use the right descriptive words that will leave your customers' mouths water. You can make a one-page menu if you want to.

5. Add Images

You can add images, but not too much if you don't want your menu to look cheap. You can first take the best pictures of your burgers and place them on your restaurant menu. Images are one of the ways that will make your customer order, so make sure that you give high-quality photos. An associate professor says that people react to the image before them like how they react to food in front of them, so pictures are important in a menu.

6. Proofread and Print

After making your menu, you need to review first. Take a look at the spellings, the price sheet, and other errors that will make your menu unattractive. After editing, you can now print your menu.

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