Imagine this. You are in the 18th century election day when the mechanical voting machine does not exist, and George Washington is giving away liquor to acquire votes. That may sound bizarre, but history has it. Today, reform has been made to make the election a lot more different than before. For example, campaign flyers are not popular election material. Now, flyers are present when it's time for elections. With that, don't fall behind when it comes to campaign materials because our campaign flyer template is here to do the work for you. Take advantage of the 100% customizable, easily editable, and printable features of our template. If that's not all-in, I don't know what is. Don't miss out and get it now!

How to Make an Effective Campaign Flyer in Apple Pages

Candidates, political parties, and interest groups spent a rocketing $6.4 billion during the 2016 United States elections, based on the data shown by The Atlantic. Mind-blowing, right? Imagine what portion of that money went to television advertisements, mail campaigns, printed publications, and more. For sure, a lot! But it is hard to believe that contrary to its goal, years of study and field experiments show that most campaign attempts have nothing to do with voters' way of choosing a candidate. Still, that doesn't mean that political campaigns never matter at all. For voters who haven't made up about a candidate, campaigning will make a high impact.

Generating more creativity and thinking outside the box can be a game-changer, but flyers will remain as the frontrunners. Though there are promising ways to convince people, flyers are on the top of the list when it comes to one of the most effective campaign materials. Read the following steps below and come up with an effective campaign flyer in Apple Pages.

1. Make It Attention-Grabbing

When it comes to simple flyers, it is important to start with a good header. Keep the audience's interest by using bold text for the header. Color choices will matter too. To make the header pop, use bright colors such as white, yellow, or red. Colors that are brighter than the background will make the best results. Using bold fonts on the header of a campaign flyer will not get any better.

2. Tell an Informative & Insightful Content

Let the receiver read the campaign flyer by providing a good lead in the content. There are many ways a professional flyer can deliver. Remember that when it comes to flyers, less is more. Unlike brochures, a campaign flyer contains less text. Which means you have to fight the temptation of fitting in everything you want. Flyers have no room for the unnecessary, so make up your mind about the information the campaign flyer will carry. Make sure to include platforms for political candidates who are vying for a position. An impactful slogan is a good interest-keeper, as well.

3. Use a Campaign Flyer Template

One of the most convenient ways to finish a campaign flyer is by using a printable flyer template. The online market offers a lot of promising flyer templates and offers various benefits. Using a template will be more convenient since you don't have to start from scratch. Also, a flyer has suggestive content that is customizable. Without these features, a template will not be as effective.

4. Consider Font, Color, Images, and Format

Striking promotional flyers are a mixture of the right color, font, texts, and images. Remember that every space is important. The last thing you would want is to produce a crowded and busy-looking campaign. Having a balanced and well-layout campaign flyers go a long way. With this, the information will be easy to find and clear to view in a flash.

5. Come up with Distribution Outlets

Find a distribution method that will reach all of your target audiences. Today, revolutionary media is partly taking over traditional campaign tactics. But that doesn't mean modern flyers are slowing down any time soon. Create a strong connection to people with your campaign flyer. This time is the perfect time to affect how people cast their votes.

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