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What Is a Funeral Card?

Funeral cards (also known as memorial cards) are small, sturdy laminated cards that offer tribute to the deceased. Their use is not necessarily limited to just funeral. They can also be distributed during visitations, wakes, memorial services, and celebrations of life. Funeral cards are a meaningful keepsake for those who attend services for the deceased. They serve as an acknowledgment that someone has died. Its purpose is to support to the loved ones still alive.

How to Make a Funeral Card in Adobe Illustrator

Funeral cards are a piece of paper that serves as a remembrance to the ones that are left. It helps to commemorate the life that the dead one had. A funeral card can be used to lessen your burden. To find out how to create a funeral card, just follow the steps below.

1. Choose What Type of Memorial Card You Want to Make

There are several types of funeral cards that you can choose from. It can be a bookmark, a prayer card, a folded funeral card, or announcement card. The bookmark's content include a poem, scripture, or personalized note or message. Prayer cards are included in thank-you notes and have an image of a religious symbol or meaningful image on the front with a prayer on the back. A folded funeral card is similar to a brochure but smaller in size. They can also be used for funeral invitations. Announcement cards are flat and similar in size to a postcard. They are used to notify the family and friends of the deceased.

2. Create a Series of Rough Drafts

Before you begin designing, you need to make a series of rough drafts to help you decide which would be the best option for your card. The purpose of the rough draft is to create several layouts and finding which one would be the best choice. While creating your layout, you have to ensure that the design suits the space given in your folds. You can use Adobe Illustrator to create your drafts so you can easily add your design over it.

3. Gather Information You Want to Include

Every funeral card needs to include information of the deceased. You need to put the personal information of the deceased such as the name of the individual who passed away and their birth date. Then you put the death information. Include the date of death, the date of the funeral, the place of burial, and the time of the burial. The information you attach has to be accurate to respect the dead and the loved ones.

4. Design the Funeral Card

Now that you have your information and draft picked out, you can start to get creative and begin your design. Your card can stay blank with a few designs on the side. You can have a Victorian approach to get that old and vintage style with floral designs. The picture you attach has to be a decent one of the deceased.

5. Print and Distribute

When you finish the design, make sure you review the design and change any mistake you find. Proofread the content and change any error you might spot in your information. When you finish, you can save the file and have it printed out.

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