It is not easy to lose someone we love. Most of the families would arrange a funeral service just to bid one last farewell of the beloved. If you are arranging a funeral service and if you needed to invite people over, you can use our 100% customizable and beautifully designed Funeral Invitation Templates that are available in all versions of Adobe Illustrator. These templates are made conveniently exclusive for you. With the variety of professional invitation templates, you can finally create one on your own without relying on a graphic designer. These easily editable templates can be enhanced in every detail and layout you want. You can replace, remove, and add some visual elements as well.  Create an atmosphere of peace by using these templates. Grab this offer now!

How to Make a Funeral Invitation in Adobe Illustrator

Like any other invitation, the funeral invitation is also used as a request to go to an event or to do something. A funeral invitation is a great way to gather loved ones and acquaintances to honor the deceased. Funeral invitations are distributed to people as an announcement of the funeral service. Funeral services are an excellent remembrance in loving memory of the deceased, and this ceremony is where people pay their last respects and eulogies.

By using an Adobe Illustrator application, you can now create an indispensable tool that will help you organize a funeral service. Here are the following steps to help you guided.

1. Determine the Kind of Funeral Service

The first thing that you must do in making any invitation card that relates to a funeral is to determine the kind of funeral service that will be held. Depending on the situation, some of the families would rather go for a Catholic funeral service, some would rather go for a condolence ceremony, others would have a mourning ceremony, and others would go to a burial ceremony right away. It is best to consult the other members of the family before establishing a sample invitation design.

2. Use One of the Funeral Invitation Templates

For you to save your time, you can download a funeral invitation template for you to use. Most of the models online are already embedded with design elements as part of its features. With this, you won't have to make a funeral invitation from a new scratch. Choose a formal invitation template that relates to the kind of funeral service that you will hold.

3. Launch Adobe Illustrator and Customize It

Launch your Adobe Illustrator application and begin to customize the template according to your preference. In working out the template, incorporate all of the visual elements that you want to include in your funeral invitation. These visual elements include graphic images (preferably a picture of the deceased), artworks, illustrations, font styles, layout styles, and other elements that you may need to make an elegant funeral brochure.

4. Write Down All of the Funeral Details

Like any other fancy or simple invitations, it is essential to write down all of the funeral details that you must incorporate in the funeral invitation. Funeral details are the following: the date, the time, and the reception. You can also add an obituary or a funeral program to help the guest guided with the overall funeral service. As much as possible, keep your funeral details straight to the point to avoid confusing the guests.

5. Save the Final Design and Print It Out

For the last step, you can now save your final design if you are already satisfied with it. Now that your funeral invitation is already a printable design, you can now prepare the things that you need in printing your funeral invitation. Choose a high-quality paper or a cardstock in printing your invitations and avoid using materials that will not fit the mood of a funeral service. Finally, it is time for you to print out your funeral invitation at home or the printing services.

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