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What Is a Funeral Card?

A funeral card may also refer to as a memorial card, memoriam card, or prayer card, is a card that is given to people at visitations, wakes, and memorial services. This card pays as a tribute to a deceased person. Usually, but it is optional, a funeral card is laminated so it will be sturdy with a high-quality photo. Also, it includes a special message, quotation, scripture, or a brief biography of the person who passed away. A funeral card is both spiritual and devotional. After a funeral, people who understand the importance of a funeral card insert it in a Bible or prayer as a remembrance to the deceased person.

How to Make a Funeral Card

In reality, you can make and decorate a funeral card in any way you want. However, you have to bear in mind that a funeral card is a tribute for the people who passed away and it must be used in funerals only. Thus, making a funeral card has a few considerations. Here's a guide as you make a funeral card, Prepare what you need because we enumerated steps to guide you.

1. Create an Illustration; Make a Temporary Draft

Before working on the actual funeral card, take your time in making a temporary illustration of your card. The drawing will help you visualize the real funeral card. Make sure that you do an illustration as to how you envisioned the actual funeral card. With your temporary drawing, you are allowed to do the design, layout, and graphics. Doing a manual illustration or a digital graphic will do as long as it will represent your card well.

2. Choose a Funeral Card Template Online; Fill In the Template

Making your funeral card from scratch has no issue at all, but having a funeral card template will make the task faster and more convenient. Admittedly, there are other things that you want to pay attention to during the wake and funeral services. Hence, look for a template that will make your task easier. Download a professional card template from a reliable source so you'll get a high-quality template. Templates have suggestive content that you can customize when you start filling it with information. One of the best reasons for having an editable template is it will give you that opportunity to be creative.

3. Incorporate High-Definition Image

Typically, a funeral card has an image incorporated into it. The picture is an image of the deceased person. In some cases, this is an optional element, but most of the funeral cards are incorporated with a photo. Make sure to include a high-definition image so it'll look good no matter what.

4. Include Textual Content

You could include a personalized poem, prose, quotation, scriptures, or a brief biography of the deceased. The content will make the funeral card more sentimental. So we suggest that you take your time as you decide. The textual content is somehow the core of your card.

5. Print the Funeral Card; Decorate the Card

Finish the editing of the card and print it after. You have the freedom to decorate the card more. You could do arts and crafts or do-it-yourself style. A more personalized and simple card is more specialized, so be hands on to this part.

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