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How to Make Funeral Brochures in MS Publisher

Respect the deceased and the bereaved by being sympathetic when planning a funeral service and creating funeral brochures. Here, we've got a list of instructions on how you can start creating modern and classic funeral brochures from blank.

1. Decide on a type of brochure

Brochures come in various types such as the bi-fold, tri-fold, and the accordion fold, just to name a few. If you must know, there's more to these types than just varying appearances, their purposes differ as well. For example, the bi-fold brochure is ideal for conveying basic information and can handle large images while the tri-fold is best if your content needs to be organized into panels.

2. Identify the purpose of the brochure

Depending on the brochure type, you can then identify the specific purpose of your brochure. Are you planning to use your brochure as a memorial or funeral program? Or are you going to use it to promote your funeral services? Whatever your purpose may be, take note of it because you might want to include it to your mission and vision statements.

3. Gather and outline the information

Since printable brochures are intended to advertise a business and their services, you will need to gather information about what you're planning to communicate to the reader. Make a list of your gathered information and try organizing them according to the hierarchy of content, which means the most important ones go first. Before proceeding to the next step, be sure to already have an outline of your funeral brochure's content.

4. Write an introductory statement

Aside from its main content, you will often need to start a printed funeral brochure with an introductory statement. If your brochure is used as a memorial program, then this section should briefly introduce the reader to the deceased and who they were in their lives. On the other hand, if your brochure is purely for business purposes, then you will write an introductory statement that describes the background of your funeral business as well as your mission and vision.

5. Add the rest of the content

After the introduction is the rest of the content which includes the services that your business is offering. The inside pages should identify the services and describe them thoroughly but concisely, just make sure that the reader is able to get the information they need. But if you're creating funeral programs, this section should explain the flow of the memorial service. In addition to business brochures, you may end your content with some testimonials and feedback from past clients.

6. Make a catchy and appropriate cover design

Every brochure starts with a cover page regardless of what type you're using. Because a cover page is present, you will also need to make a creative and modern design to easily get the attention of people. This is typically applicable in brochures that are used to promote funeral services but it can also be used for funeral program brochures as well. Of course, when making a funeral service brochure cover design, make sure that it is not only appropriate but also sympathetic.

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