How to Create an Invitation Card in Adobe InDesign

Invitation cards officially invite people to specific events and gatherings. It serves as a request for the receiver's presence. There are many types of invitation cards that depend on the event. There are birthday party invitation cards, wedding invitation cards, farewell party invitation cards, housewarming invitation cards, shop opening invitation cards, and many more. Invitation cards can be used for all events that need people. So here are some helpful steps in creating an invitation card in Adobe InDesign.

1. Determine the Event

The first thing to consider in making an invitation card is the purpose of the card. What kind of event do you need the invitation card for? Invitation cards do not look all the same. The design varies and is dependent on the type of event that it is required. For example, a birthday party invitation cards cannot have wedding designs because it does not show relevance to the event. That is why it is highly necessary to determine the type of event first.

2. Envision the Design

After knowing the event, it's time to imagine the designs that need to be incorporated in the invitation card. As mentioned in the previous step, the designs have to show relation to the event or gathering. If it is for a wedding, you can expect flowers, doves, ribbons, rings, and other decorations that symbolize marriage. It is expected to be elegant and royal. If it is for a baby shower, baby stuff are expected like pastel colors, baby socks, baby toys, and more baby-related designs. The designs must cater to the theme of the event if there is—for example, a Disney-themed birthday party. The design must consist of Disney characters and decors that speak Disney. So the design plays a vital role in invitation card making.

3. Layout the Design

To start the design, open Adobe InDesign and layout the blank paper. Resize the paper with the appropriate invitation card sizes. The standard size of an invitation card is 5 × 7 inches. For a more modern design, the design is 5 ¼ × 5 ¼ inches. Then, decide the format orientation of the card. Decide if it is more appropriate to put it in portrait or landscape.

4. Make the Design

After finishing the layout, be creative and start the designing. Put a background color that is not too harsh to disrupt the texts. It can be a simple solid color, or it can be a photograph. Just make sure that it would not create too much contrast to the decors. Speaking of decors, insert the visualized patterns and decorations. Take note of its relevance. Make sure that there is harmony between the used colors for a more pleasant effect. You can also refer to some samples online.

5. Insert the Texts

After designing, insert the necessary information for the invitation. The content should answer the 4Ws and H questions. It should answer who, what, when, where, and how. First, who. The invitation should state the name of the invited. It is not necessary for some, but it shows certainty on to whom is invited. Next is what. Of course, it should include the purpose of the invitation card. Make sure to put the event or gathering and, also, its theme. Then, the when and where. The date and place should be specified in the invitation card. Lastly is the how. If the location of the event is complicated, you can put directions on how to arrive at the destination. You can also put contact information in case of inquiries.

6. Finalize and Print

After making the invitation card, recheck for any errors and correct it. Afterward, save the invitation card and print!

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