The perfect and classy invitations always get the job done, especially in cordially communicating pertinent information whether it is a grand birthday celebration, a beautiful wedding, a nifty party, or even your ordinary lunch out with friends. Different events need different styles to match the perfect ambiance, and our Invitation Templates in InDesign come in a variety of high-quality formats to match what you need. These templates are also printable formats as well, which are also customizable so that you can add some personal touches. With the multitude of ready-made templates on our website, you will surely find what you're looking for. Avail of our 100% customizable templates today!

What is an Invitation

Every party invitation is a chance to validate ourselves, according to a Chicago Tribune article. That's because people care about social acceptance, whether they'd like to admit or not. With that being said, an excellent invitation serves as either a verbal or written request and most especially, it aims to inform the receiver about a certain event or activity he or she is asked to be a part of. Of course, it is effective when the one invited will have no further question asked about where to go, what to wear and what it is all about.

How to Make an Invitation in InDesign

Here are a few steps that will teach you how to properly make an invitation via Adobe Indesign.

1. Know All About the Purpose in Details

From coming up with the guest list to designing an invitation that would gather the people you want to be present, parties would always be tough to organize. That's why it is important and obvious that you think ahead and plan what the event is about so that you can set the appropriate tone and appearance of your invitation. Not only do you need to get a grasp of the big picture, but also the finer details as well because these details will help you write the needed information and also aid you in modifying the design. If it is a baby shower, then how is it like? What time would it be? Will there be matching colors? Have a grasp of the event itself!

2. Prioritize What Information to Show

When, where, what, who, and how are all questions which you need to answer in the invitation. It is already bad enough that the invited person does not know where to go or when the event will be. Consider a business invitation without the necessary information and it will be a disaster! A successful and effective invitation is when the person invited can come without a hassle. Select the necessary and useful information to show!

3. Match the Design with the Event

All invitations always invite people to an event and it is also nice that a glimpse of the event’s ambiance can be seen in the invitation. Again, it is a must to get step 1 right so that you will also know what design to use. If the venue will be in a garden with a friend, then why not use botanical or floral design patterns? If it is for weddings, why not use elegant invitation formats? If it is about your daughter’s birthday bash who likes Disney movies so much, why not add a touch of Disney -princess–inspired themes to the invitation? Make the design a teaser for the real and upcoming event!

4. Select the Best Material to Print it on

Printed invitations are better than digital copies because there is a sense of being special being sent one. Digital copies are technically easy to spam and that is why take time to print them. Moreover, you do not want to have it just thrown out of the window? To make it easy, you can also find a number of invitations online. Choose the best material that is not just an ordinary paper than can just be flown away or be easily crumpled. Make it last long enough even until after the event!

5. Wrap it

What better way to seal the impression than doing it with a neat and decent envelope? Undeniably, opening something gives a sense of thrill, especially when the wrapper itself already sparks curiosity and awe. Be creative with it! But also remember to match it with the theme of the event. Wrap it neatly!

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