How to Create Membership ID Card in InDesign

A Membership ID Card (Identification Card) is a document that certifies a club membership, organization, or group affiliation. It can also be used to raise brand awareness and increase sales. Besides that, membership ID Cards can also be part of marketing campaigns or client loyalty programs for your organization.

If you don't have any idea how to create a Membership ID Card, then read and study the step-by-step guide below and we guarantee that you will learn how to create an effective Membership ID Card for your loyal customers using Adobe InDesign in no time at all. Here's how:

1. Open Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is one of the best editing softwares because this app helps you generate documents such as posters, flyers, brochures, and, of course, a Membership Identification Card. If you're still wondering what type of editing tool you are going to use in creating an ID Card, then the best answer to that is Adobe InDesign. Open the app now or download one in case you haven't installed it yet.

2. Select A Card Theme

The next step is to pick a theme for the ID Badge. Your chosen theme should reflect or relate to the branding image of your business or organization. For instance, you are working at a popular restaurant that is near a school, then you may select a simple membership card design or theme that will attract the students. It's important to select a theme according to the type of business you are associated with.

3. Plan The Card's Layout

Choose an organized layout for the Membership ID Card. An effective layout makes it easy for anyone looking at your membership to understand all the parts you've written on the blank card. Decide also what type of ID Format you will be using, whether you will use the landscape format or the portrait format.

4. Include All Important Details

Gather all the details you want to include on each membership card. Some of the important details that should be included are the name of the establishment, name of the ID cardholder, the benefits the cardholder are entitled to, the expiry date of the card, and lastly, the terms and conditions of its usage.

5. Download A Membership ID Card Template

Download a Membership ID Card if you want to make your job easier. We offer you a lot of professional, printable cards downloadable, and editable samples that you can choose from. Edit your chosen template according to the business needs of your establishment using Adobe InDesign. Don't forget to include a barcode in your ID Card and make sure that you use a light color background so that the text written on it will be easily understood.

6. Print Out The Membership ID Card

Lastly, it's time for you to print out the membership ID Card. Make sure to use a high-quality paper and cardstock in printing because it will guarantee the card will come out perfectly well as long as your ID Card printer is in good condition. You may also use plastic business cards when printing.

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