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How To Create Membership Cards In MS Word?

Membership cards remind the customers about their value to your organization or business. They are designed to benefit customers who go to affiliated clubs, gyms, salons, restaurants, or hotels. Membership cards may also be VIP cards or reward cards — basically a form of gratitude by making the customers feel more valued. For your business to ensure that you make your customers feel valued, here are a few tips on how to create membership cards in MS Word:

1. Value Your Customers

Before you begin making membership cards, you should first remember the value customers bring to your organization or business. Well, the most prominent part is that they give you money, but it just doesn't stop there. They also help in promoting the brand of your business; hence, it's best to establish customer loyalty. If you have a more significant number of loyal customers, then you can attract more potential customers. Having a good amount of loyal customers creates the impression that you provide the best service if numbers are the basis. Remember, quantity has a quality of its own.

2. Determine The Perks

If you were able to establish customer loyalty, then what other great deals can you give to your customers? Since you will be making membership cards for your certified loyal customers, determine what great offers your membership cards have for them are. Decide how the membership cards will work. Determine how they will use the membership cards. They can either use them to avail discounts, priority service, or anything you can do to make them feel special.

3. Browse For References

We offer a lot of sample membership card templates in any desired file format. Perhaps you may look for a gift card, a gold card, or any sample of a loyalty card. Use them as your guide in creating your own membership card especially if you want to work from scratch. When you check out our sample membership cards, you are guided with ready-made designs, suggestive text and content that you can edit or modify, especially when you have strong attention to details. This is beneficial for you and will then help you create outstanding membership cards.

4. Use Our Beautifully-Designed Templates in MS Word

Open your MS Word and look for our very own membership card templates by simply typing "membership cards" at the search bar. Then, select the design that's both of your choice and appropriateness. If possible, choose the ones that have modern and elegant designs or those that only have one or two colors; it could be black, white, or gold. Feel free to include your membership cardholder's picture.

5. Format Your Membership Card

Finally, it's time to format your membership card by clicking into the letter portion of the sheet. Then, don't forget to include your company logo, return address, recipient/member address, and include specific benefits of membership. For you to fill data on your membership card, use the "Mail Merge Wizard" then go to File and select "Print Preview" to review before printing.

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