Get to welcome the newest members of your organization with an official membership certificate that makes their joining formal and official. Having new and full-fledged members of your organization can open new possibilities for your organization, it is important that they are given a physical document that is signed by the head members as proof of membership. To help you make one, choose from one of our premium Membership Certificate Templates. These files are easily editable, printable, and professionally designed to help users personalize a template within minutes after download. Download one for free and open your chosen template in all versions of Microsoft Word and enjoy editing!

How to Create a Membership Certificate in MS Word

Membership certificates are given to individuals being recognized as an official member of a particular organization or entity. It is also a way to express acknowledgment and appreciation for the employee's loyalty to the group. If you are planning to grant a membership certificate to your employees, read and follow the practical tips provided below. You can also check the available and printable certificates after.

1. Note All the Essential Details

First off, gather the vital information you need to include in your professional membership certificate. You need to secure these details to have a smooth-sailing process of your certificate-making. Indicate the exact and correct spelling of the recipient's name, the date, the venue, and the certificate title. Also, craft a brief and specific official statement declaring that a particular person is a legal and official member of the organization.

2. Layout and Design

To add some aesthetics to your basic certificate, feel free to incorporate designs. Always remember that the template design must be relevant to the type of certificate you will be producing. Do note that it also helps you convey the message. For instance, you might want to create a church membership certificate. You can make use of church symbols such as a cross, bible, cup, and the like.

3. Do Not Overdo the Use of Various Fonts

Certificate templates usually use different types of fonts to emphasize details like the name of the recipient. However, do not overdo it. Using one or two fonts would be perfectly fine. Overdoing it will make your membership certificate look like unprofessional, messy, and challenging to read and understand.

4. Download a Suitable Membership Certificate Template

Opt to download a membership certificate if you are not confident enough to create your own. Check out this website and look for the right template that suits your needs. Download, edit and customize using MS Word. Microsoft Word is a software for word processing that could be used to create different documents, including certificates. This convenient and user-friendly software application can be accessed almost everywhere.

5. Choose the Right Paper Stock

Picking the right paper stock is very important. According to an article, the quality of the paper conveys professionalism. For example, in printing your sample certificate, use heavier and sturdier paper stock. Make sure that it can withstand different printing processes. Also, take note, a certificate is treasured and kept. So, do not compromise on a thin paper stock that can be easily crumpled.

6. Review before Print

When you are done incorporating all the necessary elements, take time to go over and re-read the entire content. Check the spelling, sentence structure, the figures used, and the overall appearance. If you spot errors, edit those immediately. Do not forget to save the file. You may get a copy for future purposes. Simply, save it in your flash drive. Then, you are ready to print it anywhere!

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