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How To Make a Printable Customer Comment Card In PDF

Customer's feedback at a restaurant, hotel, etc. is inescapable, no matter how good the food and service is. Business and company owners have two alternatives when receiving a complaint from a guest or client. They can disregard the complainant or addressing the issue head-on.

Knowing what your customers or guests are thinking is essential. It is estimated that when they have an issue in a restaurant, only 1 in 20 individuals will complain. The operator's concern is that many of these folks just don't come back. A well-designed customer comment card will provide you with instant and continuous feedback on how well and badly your customers view your business. While listening to good comments is always good, getting bad news is actually better, so you can do something about it. If you react rapidly to a complaint and demonstrate genuine care, you will have a nice shot to retain clients before they plan to leave and never return. Below are easy steps to make a simple customer card.

1. Create a Captivating Introduction

While many clients will not read an introduction, it still gives you the opportunity to provide your clients with a convincing reason for filling out the feedback sheet. That said, it should still be short enough in a matter of minutes to be readily scanned. Take no more than a few lines at the top of the card to inform your clients that their feedback is very crucial and that management will review any data they give.

2. Stay Focused

You may want to gather inputs from your client as much as you can. That said, if you put too many questions to your client, they will be less interested in filling out the card. Who goes to a restaurant or salon to fill out a survey form or a customer feedback form after all? You have to identify your top five questions and then classify whether they are open-ended or multiple-choice questions.

3. Provide Space

Your simple card is not just about engaging your client. You really want to understand what they're thinking about. If you're asking open-ended questions, make sure that a client has enough space to write a detailed response if he wants to. While most clients will simply write down a few words or phrases, there may be a lot of suggestions from some of them. Give them the chance to say what's on their minds.

4. Avoid Question Pitfalls

Several common pitfalls of the feedback questionnaire are asking leading questions, or questions that provide the customer with an idea on how to answer them. If you are offering multiple-choice questions, make sure that you do not leave out a possible response.

5. Gather Personal Information

Some clients will want to stay anonymous, but you might want to ask some demographic questions so you can sort your information by type of client. You may include in your professional card the age range and sex. Provide also a space for the name and email address or physical address of the customer.

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