How to Create Sports Cards Templates in Adobe InDesign

Sports cards, or commonly known as sports trading cards, are top-rated over the world since the day it was launched in 1860. The most prevalent sports card that dominates the card trading market today is baseball cards, which are still considered valuable collection cards by many enthusiasts. There is also a different kind of sports card but is generally used as identification cards or membership cards. To create your own sports cards, you need to have a lot of artistic ideas, necessary materials, and a few of these guidelines to get you starting.

1. Know the Types of Different Sports Cards

Identification sports cards are used to verify an athlete's identity and his eligibility to play. Membership sports cards can be utilized to avail services and facilities that provide fitness and sporting exercises. Sports trading cards are rare and unique collectible cards that can be exchanged through the barter system or buying it from reliable sellers. Knowing the various types of sports cards will help your search for samples easier and making your designs faster. And since your goal is to make your own DIY sports cards, doing a little bit of research will aid you much in terms of precision and quality.

2. Pick Out a Card You Would Like to Make

Because there are different types of sports card, you'll need to decide which card applies to your goal. When making a sports trading card, you will have to be specific on a particular sport. Aside from baseball, there are also basketball cards, football cards, hockey cards, softball cards, soccer cards, and even car racing cards. Decide here if sports cards are what you are aiming for, then pick if you want to do original artwork for photos or download online. For identification and membership sports cards, the most important thing is the athlete or member's details.

3. Look for an Online Card Editor

Have you decided about what kind of sports card you are going to make? If yes, then it's time for you to search for a card editor online. There are many editing software online which you can choose from. However, if you are not familiar with any of them, you can start using Adobe InDesign. With several unique features, you can make a sports card with ease. It also has a tutorial for first-time users to guarantee navigating around the software without difficulties.

4. Layout and Design

After practicing with your editor, you can start plotting your layout. If you already have photos, which can be used when making your DIY sports trading cards, you can decide where it should be placed. Most pictures of sports trading cards are situated right at the center. You can put photos of historical figures in the field of sports, like Michael Jordan or Lionel Messi. If you did artwork of your own, you could have it scanned first and download it after. Add stats, skills, fun facts, or trivia underneath it. For your identification cards or membership cards, utilize the front side to put logo and play with colors. For the backside, keep the spaces white with only relevant information visible.

5. Print

When everything is in place and you are contented with the outcome of the design, you can now print. Trading cards should be following the format size of 2.5 × 3.5 inches. For your other cards, you can follow the credit card size of 3.370 × 2.125 inches. Aim for quality printing, especially with your trading cards which you can laminate after.

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